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PVC pipe seals , also known as PVC pipe gaskets or PVC pipe grommets, are sealing components used with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes and fittings. These seals play a crucial role in creating a watertight and secure connection between PVC pipes, preventing leaks and ensuring the integrity of plumbing and fluid transportation systems. PVC pipes are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural settings. Here are some key aspects and common uses of PVC pipe seals: **1. Types of PVC Pipe Seals:** - **Socket Gaskets:** These seals are designed for PVC pipe sockets and are typically placed inside the socket to create a seal when the pipe is inserted. - **Saddle Gaskets:** Saddle gaskets are used with PVC saddle clamps or saddles, which are used to tap into existing PVC pipes. The gasket ensures a secure and leak-free connection. - **Flange Gaskets:** Flange gaskets are used in conjunction with PVC flanges to c

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